Create your personalised product in five easy steps!

1. Choose your desired template from the categroy options
2. Click 'details' in order to proceed to the product details page
3. Select your 'paper option', 'finishing option', 'delivery option and 'quantity' here before moving forward to edit your design
4. Click each field and fill in your details as required
5. Add to basket! - Don't forget, you can edit any design in your basket at any time by pressing the 'edit' button

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Can I add photographs directly from my external harddrive?
A. Yes, when uploading your pictures you can source them from any drive visable on your computer.

Q. What resolution do my photographs need to be?
A. 200 dpi minimum, but we would recommend 300 dpi.

Q. What file formats are compatible with the photo uploader?
A. We would recommend using the following file formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .png and .tiff. Other file formats can be converted (prior to use) using image editing software such as PhotoShop.

Q. Can I create a product from my tablet/smart device?
A. You can indeed! Our web based platform works well with iPads, Android tablets and many other smart devices.

Q. Can I proceed with my order despite having used 'low quality' images?
A. Yes you can, the 'low resolution' message is just a warning to let you know that the images are not of optimum resolution.

Q. Do I have to write something in every text field?
A. Ideally, yes. We would always recommend that your populate every field, however if you would prefer, the text can be deleted from the field leaving the card blank.

Q. I would like to order another copy of my product, what should I do?
A. You can access all of your previous orders here and in your personal account. From here all previous designs can be re-ordered at the click of a button!